Presentation Training

Fear of failure and embarrassment are the biggest reasons people don?t do certain things in life ? including speaking in front of an audience. Many of my clients have limited their own visibility and career path by avoiding situations where they had to speak in any capacity. Others suffer unnecessarily by not knowing how to properly prepare and present from a place of comfort and confidence. Another set of professionals are on the precipice of being an excellent communicator, but quite simply have not invested the time to cross that threshold.


Content is where we begin. What is your message? What does your audience need to know? Are you trying to sell, persuade, inform, educate or motivate? Once your content is defined, then I look at your style and strengths and design the most compelling way for you to present.. In my work I do not try to change you. What I will do is identify the best way for you to communicate by being as natural as you can. Your audience will respond to someone that is genuine, believable and human.


Next comes preparation, which begins with deeply connecting to your words so that you are not reciting them. I developed a spectrum of techniques for preparation that I have been providing to my clients for decades. Those that engage in the ~Prepare, Prepare, Prepare~ methodology experience measurable results.


Being a successful speaker does not mean that you eliminate anxiety; it means that you learn how to manage it. I understand this level of suffering that my client?s experience and bring them into a safe space to teach them everything they need to know to emerge as a more effective presenter. My goal is to help you find your voice and connect with your audience.