I consult with clients nationally, generationally, and in industries of all types and sizes. Everything that I do is custom designed for each client because each client is different. Once we begin our work together, I identify solutions followed by a strategy and the delivery of implementation plans. Follow-up, oversight and adjustments are woven into the fabric of the consulting work.


Representative areas of consulting work are:

Business Development

Whether in your 1st, 5th or 25th year in business, developing a strategic Business Plan for growing your individual practice or your organization is a foundation for business development. Identifying your clients, connecting with them, and developing relationships that lead to a strong foundation and pipeline requires strategic thinking and planning.

Strategic Planning

Your strategic plan draws upon your present and future goals and turns them into actionable steps with distinct timelines. The depth of your strategic plan– tied to commitment and accountability can be the difference between success and failure.

Professional Development

Senior leaders to future leaders strive to learn, improve and advance.?? Meeting your fullest potential is a personal and professional choice as well as responsibility.


Examining your style and assessing your leadership competence as an individual or team is where the work begins. What type of leader are you today and does that match the needs of your organization? ?When setting expectations you must first be able to model the behavior and outcomes that you ask of others. A confident, focused, authentic leader creates an environment where others can thrive.

Culture Assessment

Most people think they know what their organizational culture is; yet 8 out of 10 people within the same organization will describe or understand their culture differently.?? Some organizations know what they want their culture to be, but don?t know what cultural components will support the health and success of their organization.


Needs arise where training emerges as a method to improve, educate and enhance an existing situation or environment. Being a better communicator; giving and receiving feedback; motivating teams, utilizing social media, dealing with difficult people, media training, community outreach, corporate giving programs, and interviewing skills are examples of specific and responsive custom-designed training programs.