About Kathy Holmes

Kathy Holmes is President of Holmes Consulting Group, a consulting and coaching business. As a professional business woman with 30 years of experience, she has worked with organizations across all industry types. Kathy works with companies across the globe providing organizational assessment, strategic planning, presentation training and business coaching in the areas of business development and professional growth. Her early career includes serving as a marketing executive for a sports marketing firm representing professional athletes.


Kathy speaks on numerous topics such as Blending Generations in the Workplace, and has created GenBlend?, a movement toward embracing generational differences and implementing solutions within organizations that have four generations working side-by-side. In 2015 she launched ?What?s Your Story?, a program to work with leaders and organizations to connect with consumers, investors and employees through the use of a compelling story.


She currently serves on the Downtown Denver, Inc. board for the Downtown Denver Partnership and was named Volunteer Partner of the Year for 2010-2011 by the Downtown Denver Partnership. She was named as ?People?s Choice? as the Top Marketing Expert to build your career? in 2009 by Law Week Colorado. In 2015 she received the Peter Bowes Award recognized by her peers to exemplify the Albert Schweitzer quote: ?The purpose of human life is to serve, show compassion and the willingness to help others?. She is a past board member of the City Club of Denver and Excelsior Youth Center.


She attended Mt. Diablo and San Diego State College where she received her joint business / court reporting degree. She received her corporate coaching license from Coach University. An avid cyclist, hiker, past skydiver and lover of the great outdoors; she is a city girl with an outdoors lifestyle.

In My Own Words:

1. I don’t like heights, but I became a certified skydiver.
2. Just thinking about my bike makes me happy.
3. I have chocolate hidden throughout my house.
4. I think I am really funny.
5. I love the ocean first, the mountains second.
6. I am strongest at the end of a 100-mile bike ride.
7. I love vocabulary: Incandescent. Sobriquet. Vicissitude.
8. What I am most proud of: Being a great friend.
9. I always pack too much when I travel.
10. I studied meditation with Pema Chodron.
11. Technology that breaks down can make me cry.
12. I feel the fear, but do it anyway.
13. The trait I am most grateful for is my imagination.
14. In high school I gave up piano lessons to play field hockey.
15. Many of my clients become cherished friends.
16. The Sunday New York Times is my definition of bliss.
17. I have a brain crush on Fareed Zakaria.
18. I dream about being on the Muppet Show.
19. Sailing is my favorite sport.
20. If I were to pick my own name, it would be “Joy”.